Friday, 26 July 2013

the undead are pre-emptivly dancing

with the release of the lists for Call To Arms my skeletons are dancing with joy.

the break down was quite interesting, here is the link to the Lists
here is the basic breakdown anyway
4 Skaven (-.-)
4 Warriors of chaos
4 Vampire Counts (o.0)
3 WOOD ELVES (0.0)
2 Daemons
2 Dwarves
2 Lizard men
1 Beastmen
1 Bretonian
1 Empire
1 High Elves
1 Tomb King

so apart from the lizards and skaven i am quite excited about this tournament.Apart from Fern, Tane, and Joel their is very little artillery on the field, and most lists don't have much magical offense if any at all. i will have to be very selective in my combat choices but my vampire lord should reach the other side of the field four times out of five, and proceed to clear out their busses.

another very (very) interesting look was the fact that none of the vampires decided to run the Black Knight fun bus. since that recent lore has stated this to be the strongest possible build for a VC list means we are going to see some slightly abnormal lists next weekend. should be good

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