Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Updates, What has been happening and play-testing Inepticon

Howdy everybody. It is getting to the crux of the year for me, so in order to procrastinate for as long as possible I have a pretty long update for you all. just touching on what I have been up to for the past 3 months or so gaming wise and to formally announce the Inepticon updates.

In gaming news, I have been pretty booked up over the past three months with two main distractions. The first was a role play that I was running for some of the club members every fortnight using the Warhammer Role-play 2nd edition rules (much better than the third edition in my own opinion) set between  the events of the storm (as the 2nd edition focus's on the aftermath) and the End Times that have been recently turning heads. The upshot of the story means you shouldn't go camping in Ostermark any time soon, too many chaosy stragglers and undead machinations.

the whole force, all painted in the last 6 weeks

The second was a new Warmachine/Hordes escalation league that was run by Chris Otton to try to encourage more players in the wider Wellington region. I had tried to get involved in the last one but other events got in the way. This round timing was perfect as a colleague of my mother knew I was a wargamer (having spotted my spray table at a Christmas lunch last year) and sold me his left over miniatures for my faction (Circle Orboros) for dirt cheap. the majority of my painting time was taken up getting these guys looking good, as I have found im not great at synergising in game and so needed all the painting scores I could get.
Warpborn Skinwalkers with Alpha, pretty terrifying i found

Tharn Ravagers with a Shaman. i still have 4 of these guys and a chieftain to paint

Wolves of Orboros with captain and banner, they did well, but always died in droves

Druids, the Swiss army knife of the circle. man these guys annoyed people

My solos (minus a tree). A Reave Hunter and his Puppy's

The beasties, Argi, griffon and a Feral Warpwolf
I have 4 casters and Una, but only Kaya and Grayle are painted

However, during the league I encountered Scott...

And I must have caught something off of him, as not two weeks into the league did a disturbing growth start to creep up on me where I wouldn't be able to see it...

His offer of a whole DWARF ARMY was too tempting to pass up (since I was in the process of selling my Vampire Counts) and so the army of Karak Kadrin is almost all together, and are just looking for a paint update.

The horde of Characters, led by my work in progress Slayer King

What are Dwarves without arty? There are two of each, but i couldnt be bothered grabbing the other organ gun or bolt thrower

I hear these guys are good. recent play-testing confirms this

Classic hand-gunners. i got a butt tonne of these guys

YARRR. Long Drong be har

Bugman with his rangers

Hammerers. i need more of these guys

a small number of slayers. I NEED MORE!

Back when any Lord could Throne up. and ride along Runelord

Now with recent changes to the games workshop FAQ's, we have decided that the 50% lords and heroes will be implemented at Inepticon as we have the veto system in place to stop any extreme cases of rule-bending. In other Inepticon news we are currently trialling the Secret Mission cards on club nights. last week I squared off with my pal Rex to A) help him prepare for skitterleap and B) see if the missions are viable. I got smashed by his Woodies, but both sides managed to achieve there missions. I drew VANTAGE POINT (hold the highest ground) and Rex had DEPARTMENT OF CONSERVATION (do not loose a rare unit).

It was a long winded update, but we are at the end. There are Plenty of spots left for anyone wanting to take part in Inepticon and James Millington has kindly offered to take people heading up from Wellington, he does have limited seats though so get in quick.