Friday, 5 April 2013

Welcome Aboard!

Welcome aboard the HMS. DISTRACTION.

it would seem you have come on board for the maiden voyage of my new Blog. A cruise round the recesses of my wargaming whimsies is leaving port, with an attempt to bring myself back on track as i have found little time for painting between my studies, work and general laziness. it has got to the point where i have decided that i need this blog to kick start my painting, for i am sick and tired of not having a unified force for the NZ tournaments when everyone else have armies that look so epic. hence my work on both my Warriors of Chaos army (The Cult Of Vulcan) and my Orcs & Goblins (The Piratical Waaagh! Of Admiral Skarghul Goldentusk) is about to begin. i hope you enjoy your cruise


  1. Hi Nick! Nice to see you in the blogosphere. You may want to add an app to allow others to subscribe/follow your blog

  2. Nic, nice blog - add the Follower widget from blogger and we can follow your exploits with ease.

  3. i think i found the right one, took some searching though. its like they don't want just anyone having a blog