Friday, 17 May 2013

the Uncharted Seas are on the horizon

with the closing down of Mini War Gaming's online store i managed to procure the rule book and 4 starter sets of the Uncharted Seas for dirt dirt cheap. i am  so psyched for them that the current painting table projects might get pushed aside for the next two weeks (but not the mighty empires stuff, that's so easy to paint on the side) as i set about getting them ready for a test game. the rules for them seem so so easy i feel its going to be a really good game to just pick up and play with, as you get 90% of what you really need in the starter kits. so in two weeks time i will bring the painted armadas in for a maiden voyage. anyone keen on  joining in the game. i have the BONE GRIFFONS, otherwise known as the undead lords of the plague, the THANIRAS ELVES, with their swift craft and masteries of the magical arts , the DRAGON LORDS, oldest of the great empires and true rulers of the new world, or the IRON DWARFS, master engineers and tenacious warriors in their ships of iron.

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