Wednesday, 1 May 2013

The Studio

OK since i started the blog to encourage myself to do more painting i thought i should do a post on just that topic. i have currently tidied up the paint station and so have left the two current projects to complete by the end of next week. if i can keep my scheduled i will know i can finally get my orcs and gobbos done before the horned rat in June. so i present the work in progress of...

my chaos warriors are going for a lava theme, their bodies are actually a molten core held together by will and the black iron of their armour, but even that is cracking under the heat and pressure
these are just the work in progress shots, so far the armour has been painted leadbelcher and washed four times with nuln oil. im currently painting on the freehand fissures all over the armour. in the end they should look like the test piece i did
the cloak is ment to look like ash rising up from a fire (hence the attempt at a subtle red glow on the bottom of the cloak). i have also decided that the fur is going to change to a dark grey to represent an ash cload.

also on the painting table is a completely opposite set of colour palettes. meet the SISTERS OF SILENCE, a mordheim sisters of sigmar warband i have had sitting their for the longest time. bright/pure colours were my thoughts, so a bright blue and then off white for the cloaks maybe offset by a darker metal with bright edge highlights?
as you can see i also have one of the classic ogre mercenaries on the go. hes going to be mainly neutral browns, so he can blend with any war band.
if you have any thoughts on how i could improve upon my colour scheme please leave a comment, its always good to get advice


  1. Nice look Nick. Like the Lava theme. Have you seen this army?

  2. i saw them once on the forums and were blown away, to get that much detail and the lighting and wiring in their was just insane

  3. Looking good. need the tiniest line of yellow and an even tiner line of white on the magama cracks. The Brushes would look good in a yellow orang red transition.

  4. i thought about putting white right in the center of the crack mergers, but decided instead that only things that have skin reveled (like the sorcerer) would have white sections, and generally
    only on eyes and in mouths