Friday, 16 August 2013

Just another reason i do not play 40K

What is it with GW and their arms races at the moment. in warhammer they are able to easily justify most of the stuff that they bring out (except possibly the Luminark, why did they think a sun laser was a good bit of fluff) but in 40K the arms race is frankly getting ridiculous.

Im not talking about marineception
lets put a marine within a marine
Im not talking about flying shoe-box's
this will DEFINITELY fly
Im here to talk about the final nail in the ridiculous space marine's coffin. that is...



Honestly how ridiculous does that look! What was their thought process for this! 

"We want the impression of an unbreachable suit of armour. So put armour plates on ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING. Oh but leave a small head, small heads are cool."
does this suit make my head look big?
I honestly don't know what they were doing, unless their meant to be the precursors to obliterators i can see no point for these travesties. 


  1. GW models are getting bigger across the board, and sometimes stupidly so. Those Centurions look completely immobile, I can't see how they could walk, let alone run. I don't care how thick your armour is, a decent tank gun or heavy weapon will clean those boys up.

    I think it's because GW's competitive edge these days is in big plastic kits. A lot of other companies are making character models that are as good or better and/or cheaper than GW. Many are also making units that are the same (Dreamforge, Raging Heroes and Mantic for 40K, AoW and Mantic for Fantasy). There are lots of monster models from other companies, but very few in plastic, so they're heavier and/or more costly and/or harder to convert.

    But there are only so many big plastic things you can make, and I think GW also want to have identifiable IP. So we end up with stupid models like these Centurions or the Dreadknight or the Slaughterbrute.

  2. I agree with Tane. It is certainly goodbye 40K for me, Sold the lot. Just a few dregs left... This whole arms race (read commercial edge) is estranging us veteran players out there. Then again, they don't make money out of us. We already have full armies. The money lies in new 40 K recruits with parents with deep pockets.No wonder FoW is gaining in popularity. No expensive giant or monster kits...just pure gaming

    1. 40k vs FoW is no contest... my problem is the former appeals more to my young son, and I end up being the parent with not-so deep pockets but have to get on with it as best I can!

  3. "What is it with GW and their arms races at the moment?" - mate, they've been doing this for 20+ years...