Sunday, 11 August 2013

Yaargh, here comes me' first mate...

all uz deck 'andz listen up. Dis is da Admiral here. 

We'ez been waiting too long ta land and come kick some of dem 'Ummie bastards in da clangerz. but me new first mate's joined our rankz and is ready to walk over all dem who thinkz that Orks are an easy pickingz.
Might=right, and boy iz dis boy mighty. without further adiu.. adew.. small chat, meet Hullk
wez met Hullk Smashit off Dat jungle land, hes was smashing shipz at Skegi and was right keen to go smashing bigger boyz dan dem dragon boatz. not many az big az him though...

Hur Hur, Dis is gonna be good. WAAAAAAGH!


  1. hes not gonna be as easy as that my pansy little friend. and while your shooting him your ignoring his little savage friends. hur hur hur

  2. we did a giant vs monster yesterday and the giant only drew because he got three rounds of shooting off first