Sunday, 13 March 2016

Back To It

Hey Sapiens. The Hamilton Immortals have asked if I would like to feature this very blog on there new website, and I have graciously accepted the offer. I have really enjoyed my time at the club so being part of its internet footprint is something that I would love to contribute to, So im back!

The main reason I have been so shit (pardon my coprolalia) about posting content this past half year is the lack of a decent camera. However, with the death of my old brick of a phone I have finally entered the age of the smart phone. Now properly equipped I may once again show off the current works in progress and shifts in my gaming habits now that Warhammer is slowly fading into the background, and boy is there a lot to cover there. Another day perhaps.

what I will leave with today is a quick review of a product that Geoff Holt of the Game Centre has asked me to put together as part of a table for a game called Empire of the Dead.

4Ground Whitechapel to Bakers street Warehouse

As a kit goes, it looked incredibly daunting upon opening the box. on the 4Ground rating it was labelled a 6, but as this is the first 4Ground product I had ever handled I have nothing yet to rate that against. Though there are so many sheets of walls, floors, windows and roofs; the well labelled sections and in depth visual instructions made it just a breeze.

The paint job is excellent as well. having a piece that you only have to put together and can then put straight onto the tabletop is something that has massive appeal to me. Also their models are designed to be fully interactive, as the doors and hatches are able to open and close. though i did accidentally damage some sections while taking them off the sprue, so one door and one hatch has been sealed open.

 the ability to pull apart the buildings and work your way through the floors makes this incredibly good for small skirmish games and role-play games, two things that I am an immense fan of. I cant wait to get my hands on the other sets that Geoff wishes me to put together for him so that I can see the game in all its brilliance on the tabletop.

 i did have to take a small knife to the lower floors central beams supports in order to have the top floor sit flat, but that is the only real problem I had with the kit. it was fantastic and came together in around 6 hours work (I binged it one night while Ashleigh was at work, from 7 till 1 in the morning). It makes me excited to get my hands on some mordenburg terrain for myself and some damaged buildings for use in Mordheim.


  1. Man, those MDF building models look sweet. Does 4Ground do any medieval/fantasy style buildings?

  2. as you saw last night they do several kits. one i want to get my hands on for Mordheim is the ruined church kit, it looks perfect