Thursday, 26 May 2016

Bolt Action on 3D terrain

Yesterday i had the privilege to challenge a mate to 1000pts of bolt action, a game that I am a huge fan of but dont get too play all that often (though i have seen more and more shops stocking it, which is a promising sign). The Italian's squared off against the Yank's on a field supplied by Matt Barker and Printable Scenery. Their new WWII kits are currently on Kickstarter and they come together to make a phenomenal looking board over which we dueled.

The Italians were on the defensive in an Envelopment scenario. The American Artillery was highly effective (it ranged in on the first try), leaving one of my units in an unenviable position, trying to hold the flank against 2 units, a Greyhound, a Sherman, sniper, and heavy machine gun. They held the line (down, for obvious reasons) until being wiped out in assault. By this time the Paracadutisti and Semovente had maneuvered to assist, and the elite para's took the position back before themselves being gunned down and overrun. Men of the match went to the Semovente crew, who missed only one shot even when moving, and the Thunderbolt pilot who mistook a Sherman for a unit of Bersagliari, bombing it and taking it out of action.

the terrain itself was fantastic, the sculpts came out really well and painted up a treat. its actually tempting me to get a printer of my own in order to fill a table (and re-scale it to make a flames of war table too).

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  1. It was a very enjoyable game Nic, looking forward to our next one.