Thursday, 6 June 2013


with the exception of Sam, who had much much heavier things on his mind tonight than the setup of the campaign, everyone turned up to prepare for the Tamurkhan campaign (only realizing i had spelt it wrong in previous posts after looking for some cover art). after a very brief intro (i was half way through a game with Hamish, and it proved why i was on the other side of the field from him. he spanked my Vampires something serious) we got around to randomizing the board. the basic rules of setup were quick and easy to follow and very soon we had a full sized, immaculate looking board to fight over. Rex rolled up to place his capital first, much to Toms annoyance, and snapped up the most heavily wooded section on the map (bloody wood elves and their tree hugging). the rest of us found nice sections to set up in, though Sam and Liam had to deploy centerish so both had to deploy hard up against another empire.

currently unable to find the cable to connect my camera to the computer we will have to go without the actual photos of the field for a day or so while i find them (the study's a mess, they could be anywhere) but, with the magic of computer gaming i can mock up a battle map that can be changed around during the weeks to show the fluctuating game board. thank you CIVILIZATION 5 for the map editor that allowed this to be possible
so with the board ready and the empires drawn, its time to draw up the battle lines. hide in your basement and pray to your false gods. for the maggot lord comes, and you shall know no mercy!


  1. Thats a shocking accurate replication of the map

  2. That is awesome. I got lots of mountains, such is the Paragon of Decay (Nurgle) invading from the North(ish?).

  3. if you tilt the axis a bit then yes, your in the north, but most would call it the middle