Saturday, 8 June 2013


alrighty took me this long to realise that my laptop had a orifice for the cameras memory card, here is the actual board in all its epic goodness. it took me about a month of painting (albeit doing about 40mins max on it each day) i decided to keep the colours simple but bright for maximum effect, they were:
Plains: base was Russian uniform (Vallejo) with a dry brush of green ochre (Vallejo)
Forests: base was Luftwaffe camo green (Vallejo) with a dry brush of warpstone glow (GW)
Fields: base was tan yellow (Vallejo) with a dry brush of Yriel yellow (GW)
Rivers/ Lakes: base was Caledor sky (GW) with light strokes of Teclis blue (GW)
Mountains: medium sea grey (Vallejo) with a dry brush of sky grey (Vallejo) with a light dry brush of the tops with skull white (GW)
roads/ villages/ embankments: base was flat earth (Vallejo) followed by Ushabiti bone (GW) on the roofs
Streams: base of temple guard blue (GW)
Piers/ wooden bridges: base of Bugmans glow (GW)
stone bridges: medium sea grey (Vallejo)

 better pictures will be posted as my camerawork improves/ the weeks go on

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