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a rather cool part of the coming of Tamurkhan campaign is the three armies that each player uses to control and conquer the map. each army is led by a designated general, a charecter designed by the players to add a extra level of storytelling to their games, as these charecters are ment to influence the force they are leading. to give you an example i have already put together my three (fourish, more on that in a bit) Generals for the vampire counts.

Valter Harkon
Valter Harkon is the Kastelean of the Black Fang, the undead stronghold in this area of the old world. an ancient Blood Dragon Vampire, Valter was one of the many vampires that escaped Vann Hels sack of blood keep in the imperial year of 1946. a strong tactician and awesome combatant, astride his nightmare Cauchemar,  Valter Harkon intends to lead a spearhead through the mortal races, extending the realm of the dead far far to the south.
Valter is simply a Lvl 1 Vampire Lord, with the sword of might, the dragonbane gem and a 2+ Armour save/ 4+ ward save. what really makes him deadly though is the Red fury and Quick blood bloodline traits, allowing him to hit hard, hit first, and keep hitting until nothing is left before him but mangled bodies. his armies will contain plenty of vampires and vampiric creatures.

where Valter is headstrong, patient and ruthless, his ally is just plain mad. Andemaneri is a Vampire from the Necerach bloodline. content to sit in the Black Fangs dungeons as long as he has plenty of fresh bodies to experiment with, Andemaneri's mind was shattered centuries ago when he was caught by witch hunters in the city of Tillea and pegged out in the town center to be burned by the sun. escaping by creating a cloud of bats to block the harmful rays and shred his captors, the damage to his body reflected what the unimaginable pain had done to his shaky sanity.
Andemaneri is designed to be the ultimate caster of the campaign, he is a Lvl 4  Vampire Lord sat upon an Abyssal Terror to get to where he needs to be. he has a 5+ ward save and the cursed book of Naggash. its in his bloodline though that he shines, being a master of the black arts and being able to summon creatures of the night. hes going to be using lots of zombies, spirits and creatures. expect lots and lots of bats.

Cosmar and Kochma, the Black Twins of Sleeps End
Twin sorcerers of unknown origin, the black twins are a duo of powerful necromancers that have allied themselves to Valter for promises of power, and access to the books of Andemaneri. the twins are not identical yet they are almost always aware of the other one no matter how far away they are, as if they were being governed by the same, invisible puppeteer. this has led to speculation that they are in fact one in the same, and that the true power behind the two is hiding deep underground at Sleeps End, manipulating his surface puppets to create a world in which he can finally become lord of the endless hoard.
Cosmar is the actual official general out of the pair for the army. though he is only Lvl 3 (where Kochma is a Lvl 4) he manipulates the blackest magic that is the lore Undeath, where Kochma draws on the wind of Ghyran to fuel his Death magic. being on foot and easy to hide in units, Cosmar only has an opal amulet and an earthing rod. Kochma on the other hand flies around on his Hellsteed Kos`maro, so protects himself with a talisman of preservation and bears one of Andemaneri's tomes, the dreaded book of Arkahn. leading an army of skeletons and wights, the Black twins bring their cabal of necromancers to outlast their foe.

by being able to make back stories (for those who really like investing in back-story and character) should improve the flavor of the campaign, as it hopefully makes people think not about just winning, but the plight of their lords on the meat grinder that is a Warhammer battlefield

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