Saturday, 14 September 2013

Astartes Ultra – A Complete Ultramarines Chapter

Do you love Space Marines?

Have you ever wanted to own an entire chapter?

Would you like too?

Well you can... for $20,000

I kid you not, games workshop today posted their Astartes Ultra- A Complete Ultramarines Chapter to their online store. A set listed at a WHOPPING $20,685 NZ. I would be surprised (but actually not shocked, i know some 40k players with more money than sense) if they even managed to shift one in New Zealand. Good luck Games Workshop, you have set a high bar to beat for biggest one off blowout for miniature producers everywhere.


  1. Yeah its pretty shocking isnt it - havent done the maths but I would hope that buying this would offer substantial savings over buying everything as individual box sets.

    But for that price Id expect it all to arrive fully assembled and painted... but where would you put it all, and when would you use it?

  2. only apocalypse could ever justify it, yet you would need 4 tables minimum to bring it out in its full glory. only slightly over the top

  3. Its completely bonkers. When would you even use it, and against what, are they going to do other army releases in scale too, since in points you'd need a ton more orks than marines, does that make the equiv ork force $40K! ? Interesting number no?

  4. what i find funny is they've gone "aw that's actually a bit much, put it down to $20,500"

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