Tuesday, 24 September 2013


Congratulations Joshie boy for getting the second quiz question right. I will grant you the boon of the silver goblin next time im round for a board games evening. For those others who were a little on the fence again, here is the answer

How many English Monarchs (after the invasion of William the Conqueror in 1066) have been assassinated?

Well the answer is: only two!
Almost 950 years of rule and 41 Monarchs, yet only 2 of them were successfully assassinated (i know James and Victoria both were attempted too, but they were very lucky). Who were these unfortunate individuals you might ask? they were:

Edward II (reigned: 1307-1327)
Remember the lick-spittle of a prince in the movie Braveheart? That was Edward II. After a reign marked by financial incompetence, constant military defeat at the hands of Robert the Bruce and plenty of scandals Edward was killed at Berkley Castle on the 21st of September 1327. It was almost certainly ordered by his wife Isabella in order to put their son Edward III on the throne. No one can quite agree exactly how he died but strangulation or suffocation are widely regarded as the cause. Their is a story that he was killed by a red hot poker up the anus but this was most likely an erroneous tale in order to further discredit him.


 Henry VI (reigned: 1422-1461 and again from 1470-1471)
A pious and Peaceful man, he tried to end the 100 years war with his marriage to Margaret of Anjou. however he was not prepared for the dynastic war that broke out half way through his reign known as the war of the roses. After a mental breakdown at the loss of Bordeaux in 1453 Henry was an absentee monarch for a year, as he was completely unaware of everything happening around him, including the birth of his son. During this year the Duke of York pressed his claim as a more worthy ruler of England, so that on his return to sanity in 1454 the Duke raised forces to press his claim. even though the Duke was killed in 1460 Henry was imprisoned and his family were forced to flee to Scotland in 1461. Margret led a successful campaign in 1470, with the backing of the French king Louis XI and the Earl of Warwick, to put Henry back on the throne. However 6 months latter Henry was once more in prison and his son was killed soon after at the battle of Tewkesbury. He Died in mysterious circumstances on the night of May 21st. The Yorkist's claimed he died of a broken heart at the news of his sons death, yet many now agree that the Duke of York had ordered his murder before his coronation the day after.

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