Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Oh please dont let it be so!

Everyone who knows me knows that i have been hankering for the new Dark Elves since the release was practically confirmed a month ago. I am very impressed by the majority of the new miniatures that are being released, and know i will probably be replacing my current Crossbows and spears with the new spearmen miniatures as i really like their look, since they tie in with the look of the Cold One Knights perfectly. however here we come to the crux of my current dilemma. two of the rumored rules changes (of which, i am told, their are many)

1. Hydras are losing regeneration, moving to special and must purchase their breath weapon:
Now i don't get this decision. The Hydra was, in the last incursion of the book, massively overpowered for its points. However in an army with average armour saves of 5+ and toughness 3 the Hydra was the bulwark that could help take the edge off this problem with its toughness 5, 4+ armour and 4+ regeneration saves. By removing regeneration it is now very vulnerable to small arms fire. I hope it has dropped at least to 150 points for this loss, but i doubt it. Also it is a giant bloody serpent from the dark places of the world where only the shades dare venture, how is it suddenly not hard to find!

Now anyone who wasn't a fluff fiend like me might be jumping for joy about acquiring such a powerful special rule. Merging with the Elves high initiative they will now be a threat in prolonged combat on a scale that was just not their with hatred. However it will, in one fell swoop, remove the best part of the Dark Elves, their hate. They are NOT poncy High Elves. They are the bitter and twisted kin from across the sea who hate everything about their current situation, and blame their haughty-taughty kin for their predicament. The only way i think Games Workshop could pull this back and say "see, SEE, we had a plan all along" would be to then go and give the Wood Elves ASF too, making it an inherent trait of the Elves in General.

Whooo, since i generally like to give the benefit of the doubt with rules changes its not often that i rage about them. I just hope it pans out in the general scheme of things, and that they haven't just striped one of my favorite races of their most defining features... Heres hoping


  1. i hope this means dwarfs get hatred then...

  2. but then its not hatred, its grumpy old farts! but seriously the dwarves do need a jump like that

  3. My thoughts exactly, this frees up Eternal Hatred as a rule for the Dwarves. They might not be spiteful like the drucchi, but their desire for revenge translates into the same thing. And Dwarves need some boosts in every phase other than shooting, so this would be an excellent rule.

    Mind you, it's pretty clever, and maybe too clever for GW. I expect the next Dwarf book will likely just have some cannon chariots and big-arse war machines......

    ASF on Wood Elves would be good too.

  4. i have apparently been a little hasty. they have BOTH ASF and hatred :/ odd but i guess it means you reroll against other ASFer's.

  5. Hi Nick. Things look like they will be getting interesting for us DE players. Just got latest: