Wednesday, 2 October 2013

The Lore Of Dark Magic

We are less than four days away from the release of the new Dark Elves, and so far the general consensus has been alot of good with a dash of terribad. With the grainy pre-release pictures of the miniatures and rules surfacing I, understandably curious, squinted my eyes to see what I could make out about the Lore if Dark Magic. Boy was I in for a shock when I read it! as evil a lore I have yet to read in the current game, and can now see why the High Elves needed their 2+ ward against magic. heres the breakdown...

Also worthy of note is that all Dark Elf Wizzards gain +1 to cast their spells (O.O)

Lore attribute: Spiteful conjuration
when a Dark Magic Hex, Direct damage or Magic missile is cast with a double of any kind and not dispeled, the unit will suffer 2D6 extra S1 armour piercing hits. if it is cast with a triple of any kind it will suffer 3D6 extra S1 armour piercing hits.
So starting off with a bang. All but two of the lores spells benefits from this, and you never know when an extra wound will help out.

Signature spell A: Power Of Darkness (8+)
An Augment spell that is cast on the sorceresses unit, granting it +1S. In addition the sorceress regains D3 magic die, but if a 3 is rolled then the sorceress will lose a wound.
So a sting in the tail, but when combined with the spell soul stealer its not that big a drawback.

Signature spell B: Doombolt (12+/24+)
 A Magic Missile with a range of 18". It causes 2D6 S5 hits on a unit, or 4D6 if boosted.
Wowwee, seriously having this as a signature means its a guaranteed pick up.  Also it is one of the two spells that the Warlock unit gets access to, making it a potent fast cavalry choice.

1: Chillwind (3+)
A Magic Missile with a range of 24", it causes 1D6 S2 hits. If any wounds are caused the affected unit suffers -1 BS until the start of the casters next magic phase.
usable, but most likely the one to be subbed out for Doombolt.

2: Word Of Pain (9+/12+)
A Hex with a range of 24", the target unit will suffer -D3 to their WS and BS. If you boost the spell it will also lose the D3 points from its S and I as well.
A very nice hex their. with high WS across the army, even dropping one point could really tip the balance further into your favor. Also combos well with Bladewind.

3: Bladewind (9+)
A Direct Damage spell with a range of 24". every model in the target unit must pass a WS test or suffer a S4 hit with the armour piercing special rule.
Heres the horde killer. Most large units  don't have stellar WS so should be seeing at least half being hit, and a 4+ saves are needed for their to be any chance of blocking it.

4: Shroud Of Despair (10+)
a Hex that affects any enemy unit within 12" of the caster until the casters next magic phase. Any affected units cannot use the hold your ground! or inspiring presences rules. if any affected unit fails any type of  LD test then all other affected units suffer -1LD per failed test.
wowowowowowo. WHAT A HEX! And for only a 10+ to cast when your lvl 4 has 5+ to cast!

5: Soul Stealer (11+/14+)
A Direct Damage spell that allows you to place a small template anywhere within 18" of the caster and then scattering it D6". Any model hit suffers a S2 hit with no armour saves allowed. For every wound caused you roll a dice, and for every 4+ you gain a wound (up to a maximum of 10) for the rest of the game. Its boosted version increases the range to 36".
Not a strong spell, but the ability to cover many troops with it will guarantee a couple of wounds, and theirfore about half of those will heal the caster. One way to keep her in the fight, and again at a relatively low casting value.

6: Anzipal's Black Horror (15+/25+)
A Magical Vortex that moves the small template an artillery dice × your magic level in inches in your chosen direction. Every model passed over must pass a S test or die instantly with no armour saves allowed (ward saves or regeneration saves are fine). It can be boosted to a large template. If a misfire is rolled center the template on the wizard and scatter it D6".
the typical horrible magic vortex of DOOM. however unlike the original rulebook spells it allows ward saves (which i think is what was needed really). At least the spell once more synchronizes with the word of pain.

Their it is. A nasty lore of damage and hex's designed to make your opponents cry like baby's (or High Elves). I will definitely be testing the viability of a Supreme Sorceress on dark Pegasus and two units of Warlocks (for fodering boosted Doombolts without fear for the sorceress)

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