Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Skitterleap 2013

Ow ow ow ow ow, just five ways of describing the weekend. High praise for Sam for his laid back approach to running the tournament (helped by the majority of the players being able to sort their own problems out without having  to resort to the TO) and the introduction of the new paint score chart (a great way of getting feedback on your army and where you can go from here on) led to a great, if bloody weekend.

Unfortunately I forgot to bring batteries for my camera to the event (no, I don't have a smart phone yet. phones should be for calling, computers for internetting and camera's for picturing. Call me a dwarf if you want but its better to be specialized and not a jack of all trades) so i do not have any pretty pictures for you to puruse at your leasiure, you will have to make do with this pictures relating to my opposition...

1: Mike King; Lizard men (Dawn Attack)
Slaan, far too many Skinks for my liking, two ancient Stegs (with adorable baby Stegs in tow), temple gaurd and terradons. i was forced to deploy mainly on my left flank while mike was forced to deploy mainly center-left . the game swung a bit during the middle of the game but for a few very unlucky rolls mike lost his flank (Kroxi-Skink unit, ancient Steg and 3 Skink units) and lost the second ancient Steg to a carress and the great weapon of the Wight King and then had his temple gaurd charged in the front by the vamp and his ghost riders and the flank by some ASF Skellies (yay the Corpse cart did something). in the end the dust settled with a 15-5 victory to me. this was actually quite annoying for me as it ment i would have to Vs the lists i didn't want to like...

2: Caleb Rouse; Chaos Warriors (Blood & Glory)
Yaaay. I play near his list most weeks (the only problem at the club, no fluffy games) vsing Hamish. Nurgle Daemon prince, unkillable BSB, Throgg, 8 Trolls, 2 Chariots, 2 Chimeras, 3 Skull Crushers. he picked the side that had the only building, leaving me nowhere to hide from his monsters, chariots and cav. Yeah. So Scaedugengan did well to turn the flank while the Black Coach held up the Daemon Prince and Throgg for two turns. Scaedugengan then came in with the wraithes and ended up killing Throgg in combat while the wraiths dealt with the rest of the unit. Scaedugengan then did the impossible and KILLED THE UNKILLABLE BSB. However he could not pull off a perfect set and was killed (as usual) by the Daemon Prince. while this was all happening the Chimeras ate a unit of Zombies each and the Skeletons where walked over by the Crushers. in the end i had a unit of wraiths left. that's it. 0-20 (back to my usual performance).

3: Hamish Forbes; Ogres (Watchtower)
Hamish was running the dead 'ard (to use an Orc term) Ogres gutstar with a Slaughtermaster, Butcher, Firebelly, Bruiser, 11 Ironguts, 6 Bulls, 4 Leadbelchers, units of 2 and 4 Mournfang the Doggies and a Cannon. Now this was a case of READ THE RULES, as Hamish got the tower and proceeded to garrison it with the bulls. this was WRONG as only infantry can man it. this was huge as i would have been able to push my Skellies into it and hold it indefinitely. oh well. he moved the bulls out, the Ironguts in, and then was crapping himself as Scaedugengan came in turn after turn, slaughtering the butcher, then the bruiser, and then putting the Slaughtermaster on 1 wound. while this was happening he lost his Leadbelchers, large Mournfang and Bulls to ONE unit of Wraithes, as the other was magiced off the field. Hamish breathed a huge sigh of relief as the game came to an end at turn 6 as he could not survive another round of combat. without the tower it would have been a 11-9, with it he got a 15-5.

4: Charlie Lloyd; Dark Elves (Battle for the Pass)
Poor poor Charlie, mine was the worse list he could ever have drawn. a Khainite list led by Crone Helebron herself, and she was packing the only magical gubbins in his list. This turned into the coolest game of the weekend as it all came down to one redeeming combat, where Crones unit was completly surounded. with Skeletons in the front (that a hydra had failed over three rounds to do any damage to), Hex Wraithes in the flank, a Black Coach in the OTHER flank and Scaedugengan in the rear. Scaedugengan challenged out Crone (drawing Sam's attention as  the most epic combat of the round). Pretty much the brief was thus. Scaedugengan had to get three wounds out of his 6+ attacks (red fury) or crone would murder him without a second thought and endanger the entire army. I rolled. all 6 hit and then all 6 wounded... I could do it! but then the gods of fate, who had deserted Charlie all game, laughed in my face as he made 5 5+ ward saves! i had ignored one of his two cauldrons as it was turn 5 and needed to kill Crones unit. needless to say she turned him into offal. luckily the whole army survived the magical backlash and went on to kill all but crone and a unit of 10 Witches. 15-5 to me and both of our votes for best game of the weekend.

5: Ryan Lister; Warriors of Chaos (battleline)
Noooo! I was so close to the perfect pentagonal lineup this tournament! oh well. I had no high hopes going into this game, as Ryan's Warriors have run rampant in Scaedugengan's forces once before. packing the Slaanesh Daemon Prince (hisss), Unkillable disc BSB, a fire Sorcerer, 18 Warriors, 2 chariots, lots of dogs, a Chimera, 3 Dragon Ogres and 3 Skull Crushers. i bunkered my characters within a building and left the skeletons to bait the majority of his army in while i turned his flank. nothing went overly well this game except for the Black Coach once more severally stalling his Daemon Prince for 3 rounds (even with the warrior block backing them) and the disc BSB going into the flank of my Hexwraithes (currently mowing down Dragon Ogres at the time), failing to would them, then breaking and dying without a single wound being delt to him. however the combo of the other trickster shard and an irresistible Choir saw all chances of the Vampire surviving fade. 18-2 to Ryan

in the end i ended with 37 battle points and  22/25 painting points, much more than i thought i would get. in the end i came 20th, so at least i didn't add another wooden spoon to the collection.

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