Thursday, 10 October 2013

"Well that didn't seem to work..."

So with a title like that can you guess what happened? I said before that a gun line would remove the list from the field and the Wood Elves proved this to be completely and disastrously correct. At least in the second game the Executioners got to make Hamish wet himself slightly. However the ability to not fail your 3++ saves is so annoying, surely putting 20 wounds on him over 3 rounds would do something other than 1 wound but nooooooo.

So what would i change in the list for next time...

I: Drop the shooting
Dark elves cant compete with some as a shooting list, and it just doesn't have the punch without a shadow witch to back it up. So im gonna drop the large unit of riders and make the large shade smaller.

II: More hitty
With the riders dropped i think dropping the Bleakswords to bring a large unit of corsairs will be necessary. I'm not going to go for the witches as you need to invest a shiteload of points into them to keep them alive and their harder to control (i both love and hate frenzy on my savages). The 4+ armour and 2 attacks should be good enough.

III: More dakka
Another bolt thrower. Jesus Christ why didn't i do it before. Out ranging wood elves will be so fun.

i think i will bring some cold ones next time. I6 and lances are going to make problems for some, i just have to manage the stupidity somehow...

those are my thoughts. Anything people reckon i missed?


  1. Just remember, your Bolters might outrange Wood Elves, but they don't outrange Dwarven artillery.....

    Do you think Shadow on the Level 4 might be the answer? It's still an awesome lore, and your Corsairs will need something to punch through armour.

    1. I am definitely thinking about it, it would also give me the toughness drop option before blowing it over with the bolt throwers. And you know as well as anyone that no one can match Dwarven artillery and that its only going to get better in your next book (though everyone's been saying that for the two years we've been waiting for it)

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  3. For the Warlocks I would also advise trying them out in a combat role. You told me that they are strength 4, 2 attacks and have poisoned. Thats great, thats glade guard death on horseback. The same thing goes with the Dark Riders, i noticed several times that you could have gone for a charge with them that would have been difficult for me to deal with. When facing Wood Elves it is important to remember that our basic troops fall fast in close combat against almost every opponent, even goblins and zombies.

  4. na both times your stand and shoot would have severly nutered me before i had even got their, i did forget to charge the lone dude with the two shades though...

    1. But then is it better to eat one round of Stand and Shoot at additional -1 to hit, or sit there and eat round after round of shooting?

      Throw a lot of dice at Soulblight on the target unit and you'll do a fair bit of damage.

      And even if you do die, you can tie up those Glade Guard for a turn or three, allowing someone else to come up and get into stabbing range.