Thursday, 10 October 2013

1st Colour tests

Its been far far far too long since i have posted pictures of my work benches output. To be fair this is because its very very low, but with the dark elves putting the wheels back on the hobby wagon i have some pics for you again (yay)

Not sure on the tummy, but then its the first time doing freehand abs

work in progress shades. just needing to do weapons and belts


  1. Lookin' great Nick! You need to paint up those Manflayers! I am very envious of those models. Think they're so much better than the standard Shades. PS. Got another 2 Shades and 3 DE Characters in the post today, Army book and magic cards on its way. I think I feel a Druchii Civil war coming on. Then again, can you use the term Druchii and Civil in the same sentence?

  2. well i managed to get my hands on those two bolt throwers (thanks for not sniping them)