Monday, 17 March 2014

Finally getting round to NZTC games

Well here we go finally, its been over a month now and i'm only now doing a write up of the NZTC. Hopefully this means its now new again and people want to read about it. here we go

Master with battle standard bearer with a 1+ armour save
Master on a Pegasus with a 1+ armour and 4+ ward
Master on a Pegasus with a 1+ re-rollable armour save

31 Corsairs with additional hand weapons, full command and the banner of discipline
5 Dark Riders with repeater crossbows, shields and a musician
5 Dark Riders with repeater crossbows, shields and a musician

29 Executioners with full command and the flaming banner
3 Repeater Bolt Throwers
5 Shades with great weapons

5 Warlocks
5 Warlocks

What i realize now is it's pretty much a net list, but in my defense i would have had a mutiny on my hand (from a certain Empire player) if i had taken anything else (i myself was leaning more towards a Malus Darkblade list). We were picked to do brilliantly by Pete, and we just had to prove him wrong (again). As a team we decided to have the lowest scorer per round wear a blond wig and tiara (be the "beauty" shall we say) 

so here we go

GAME 1: John Murrie (team Buckethead)
The first game saw me paired with John's Ogres, which is an army i have versed 3 times in all my years of wargaming (i know right, once in 7th and twice in 8th). Irongut bus with BSB and Slaughtermaster, beast wizard in a 6 Ogre unit, 3 Ogre unit, 5 Leadbelchers, 4 Mournfang, some puppy's and a Blaster. Let me tell you i have learned to HATE Leadbelchers from this game. John had a convenient building on his flank to slip them into and he ravaged my chaff with them. if i remember they accounted for a bolt thrower, both units of dark riders  and far too many Executioners. however on the flip side John had terrible luck with his Gutstar, losing 5 Ogres in one round to the Executioners, then failing the LD9 re-rollable break test in the second round. in the end we cleaned up alot of each others miniatures, but the numbers ended up with the dark elves just out in front with a 13-7. John, as always, was just a great guy to play against and his ogres gave me a few things to think about visa vie my fast cavalry. Unfortunately i won the round by the smallest margin (never thought that was gonna occur) and so i donned the wig. having minced the full 60 points for the round, we were feeling like kings of the field, until...

GAME 2: Nick Hoen (Team with the guy...)
The "Guy" himself, Nick was a powerhouse over the weekend, and our game was no exception. High Elves packing a Silverhelm bus, a Dragon Prince bus, a Prince on a Dragon (extremely impressed with this dude), chaff, and two frosties. before i had even moved i was scrambling to preserve points as with one spell (flames of the phoenix) i was down to 9 executioners. this was compounded by having his buses not 10" away with a very light screen of chaff between us. in the end i picked up one of his frosties and his chaff, but lost nearly everything but my ward save peg and the corsairs (who were hiding in a building). a 16-4 or 17-3 loss (for the life of me i cant quite remember) and the team only getting just above the bar (23 points or so)  brought us back down to earth. this was a huge learning curve as i have versed high elves alot, but only twice in 8th, and i didn't quite realize how dangerous their spell lore could be. You guessed it, the wig was staying on...

GAME 3: Glen Burfield (Stonesfall Massive)
Daemons. Wont. DIE. I play daemons enough that i knew how to verse them, don't rush forward, chaff them out and force them to close with you. well hell that didn't really work. i lost all my artillery in the first turn to a combination of the reign of chaos (that also killed a unit of Dark Riders) and the Skill Cannons and all my chaff to the machinations of his blue horrors. highlights for me was a beast of Nurgle taking 3 turns to force 5 Shades from a building, and then having to send another in to finish them as he didn't want to lose the Beast. all in all it was a 20-0 for Glen, and in this round the rest of the team did not much better (we completely stuffed up our matchmaking and were punished for it)

first day saw us sitting on 100 points, huge improvements were needed for us to place, and we were willing to come out guns blazing day two. but that is for the next post...

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