Monday, 24 March 2014

NZTC day two

Well as i stated, day one didn't quite pan out as we had really hoped. However i had high hopes going into the 4th round as we were up against the Basiliers, a team from Christchurch who i had experience versing from my two years down south. here we go...

GAME 4: Rhys Hodgson (Basiliers)
Out of the four players, Rhys was the only person who i had never versed, so i didn't quite know what his play style might be. Since he was running a Throgg list with plenty of chaff and both an unkillable lord and unkillable bsb i decided to bunker in a corner with my riders out on the far flank. I was lucky to get first turn and took off half his chaff. Rhys, seeing that i didn't choose to advance on him, decided the better part of valor was to back up and conserve his points. nothing really happened in the majority of the game but Morathi did manage to death snipe his Sorcerer Lord from a bunker of marauders. In the end i won by about 15-5 as he got my shades while losing all his dogs and his wizards. however the other games were close, with Sam beating Mikes orcs but Basil crushing Fern and hamish getting schooled by greatswords (we gave him a bit of shit don't worry) in the end we won the round by about 43-37 (i cant remember exactly). we were happy with the result, at least it wasn't another 20 pointer.

GAME 5: Ross Hillier-Jones (Wolf Pack)
Chaos Lord on Disk, BSB on steed, Throgg (but with only one unit of trolls), Hell Cannon, Crushers. Not what i would call the most normal Chaos list. However this was the round of ACME style comedy for the Wolf Pack. Hamish threw a massive sook about being paired up with Locky's Skaven even though he had green lighted the match at our pre-tournament meeting. first turn saw, on table one (Hamish V Locky) : exploding Skaven artillery, table three (Fern V Jeff) exploding cannon and STEAM TANK! and table four (me V Ross) rampaging Hell Cannon (don't worry, it blew itself up turn two, alongside Locky's Bell). This game went from bad to worse for Ross, as i slowly encircled his entire force. By slowly i mean i was in his rear by turn three, resulting in the most epic single combat in any of my games. Throggs Trolls, who had been harboring the BSB since the start of the game and the Lord after he realized he was dangerously encircled. All my Executioners attacked the front, the Master with the ward save hit them in the flank while Morathi and a unit of warlocks smashed into their rear. in the end he had Throgg, one Troll, and his Lord and BSB, who were promptly run down by the warlocks and Morathi. In the end it was a 20-0, and this round saw us all win once more (me and hamish defiantly 20-0 our opponents, and the other two won but i don't know by what.) so another 60-20 saw us rocket back up the field. we were so very happy at this point, what could possibly go wrong.

GAME 6: Paul Davison (Grumpy Old Men)
Paul was down from Auckland for the weekend, and we had a great chat about the difference in the tournament scenes in the north island. However not before Teclis led his High Elf brethren in great slaughter of the Druchii. 4 Bolt Throwers, Enough horsemen to rampage all over mine, some Eagles and a big block of  White Lions to soak up all of his miscasts (and their were alot of them, damn that banner of the world dragon). we dealt to each others cavalry by turn three while his Bolt Throwers conducted intense counter battery fire. it all came down to two moments, where the Executioners were in a position to crush the white lions, only to lose half their numbers to the irresistible dwellers (sigh), and where the destruction of my shades (after five rounds of fire) panicked my Corsairs who were preparing a 6" charge into the artillery... in the end it was a well executed game and a crushing 15-5 to Paul. this round saw another tie, as it was practically a 40-40 (it might have been a point or two either way but that doesn't matter as much in the end.)

So we ended the weekend on 7th place, pretty much bang in the middle, which was a far cry from our 11th or 12th position we had managed a year previously. with two major wins, two major losses and two draws we were at least content with our results, as it showed we had the potential to really refine our tricks and come back swinging next year. you will see us again. Now, until Nationals, I'm signing out. Remember to play hard and rattle 'dem bones.

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