Sunday, 2 March 2014

Well that was entertaining...

well howdie folks, its been far too long. How are you all? Did Christmas bring you all the miniatures you asked for? Working my arse off over the holidays while preparing my new Dark Elves for a stroll through the wild fields of battle left me with very little time in which to actually do any blogging (that and topics that had not been discussed to boredom were few and far between). But lo, I am back now, and ready to jump straight in the deep end. 
~those bloody Aussies, coming here and stealing our things again

Unless you have been living under a rock (or are more inclined towards game systems like 40K and FOW) you would know that the 2nd annual New Zealand Warhammer Teams Championship (hereafter referred to as the NZTC) took place last weekend to much excitement and gnashing of teeth. I myself was put in charge (some would say under a puppet regime) of the Beauty and the Beasts, the Kapiti Wargames Club committee team. consisting of Sam Campbell (using his favorite cologne of eud de la Nurgle Daemons), the beauty in the team Fern Campbell (rocking Hamish's "push it forward" Throgg list), Hamish (how many chickens can i fit amongst this light council and artillery park? ) and the eponymous hero of the piece, Me (with a can opener of a Dark Elf list).

Overall the team did quite well, though the kiss of death from Pete Dunn (why did he have to pick us, why) and a round or two of match up fails left us with two overwhelming victories, two soul crushing defeats and two close draws. We finished the weekend in 7th place on 252/360 possible points (7 points behind the infamous Vonn Traps on 259). Unfortunately, and in a complete U-turn from last years event, the Aussies from The Team With The Guy managed to rampage home with 315/360 possible points (meaning they averaged 52.5/60 points in each round! ouch). 2nd was taken out by the decidedly unsexy tank tops of Shirts Off and 3rd was snaffled by the DILFS (yes, it is what you think it means, and no, they weren't)

I will be back in the next couple of days with how my games in particular went and changes leading up to the National competition in Christchurch (three days of wargamming in a club that i really enjoyed attending in my times down south, anyone who can i recommend should head down to it, its gonna be a blast!) but in the meantime, stay gamy, and rattle them bones!

i would like to also put a shout out to Herman at Trouble In The Border Provinces for the photos, check him out in the tabs on the side


  1. Hey Nick, I know it's taken me ages to actually read and comment, but I have to say thanks for being an awesome captain :) And see, change of captain and we race up the ranks ;)

  2. maybe with you in charge next time we might hit top 4?