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Character spotlight, top 5 named characters in Warhammer

Well with a new project looming (very hush hush here) I really felt like doing a quick post on my favourite characters you can find strolling the tabletop, and no they are not all orcs. For me a great character needs to have some awesome fluff to back up what he can do, so a mix of combat effectiveness and back-story is going to play a role here. All righty then, where to start...

Heinrich Kemmler

The Lichemaster himself. What sort of a man could possibly warrant an entry in an army full of vampires? Heinrich can. A solid stat line (for a wizard), a monster dispel ability (he counts as a Level 5), loremaster, and the ability to resurrect Grave Guard with every kill he makes. To boot he has the most powerful Wight King in the world under his command and stands as equals in an alliance with the greatest vampire of the age. He can also be found as a villain in one of my favourite of the Gotrek and Felix saga. what's not to like?

Kholek Sun-eater

Badass levels are already increasing. Kholek is an underused but amazing Character. Sealing the doom of his race with oaths so foul that the sun itself turned away its face in disgust, Kholek now forever wanders the world under a perpetual tempest. as a monster, he has a nightmare of a stat line (WS8, S8, A7, W8, the list goes on), a 3+ armour save, multiple wound rule and the ability to hurl lightening bolts at his enemies. Sigmar preserve us!

The Sisters Of Twilight

what do the twin embodiments of a fractured elven psyche riding on top of a forest dragon account to, why the sisters of twilight that's what. Only the Everqueen now knows who the sisters Naestra and Arahan used to be, but who cares when it creates such an awesome Duo. Kind, compassionate Naestra has weapons to ensnare rather than kill, while cruel, capricious Arahan laughs at the carnage that she commits. with ranged attacks galore, a fearful combat profile (thanks to there dragon Ceithan-Har) and the ability to spring back to life unless both of them are killed in the same phase, the twins are a brilliant creation that has much better fluff than most of the other Wood Elf characters. though I have yet to verse the twins in a game, I know that I would rue the day if I don't have a cannon or two around to aid me...

Ungrim Ironfist

who are the biggest bad-asses in the Dwarven realm? The slayers of course. Who is the second best slayer in the world (behind you-know-who)? Why the king of the slayers of course! Ungrim, unfortunately, is the last in the line of the slayer kings of Karak Kadrin since his soon met his doom at the hands of the Chaos Giant he had just killed. Having beaten Chaos invasions, defeated Golgfag Maneater in single combat, smashed the army of Queek Headtaker, slain the dragon of Black Peak, and wiped out the Orc hoard of Gnashrak Badtooth, he is one of the Old Worlds greatest generals. In game he is a powerhouse, with the abilities of both a Dragon and Daemon slayer, the Axe of Drago and a cloak made from the skin of Fyrskar the dragon, Ungrim would be able to easily slaughter any character on this list. Well, if he can get to them that is (damn these stumpy legs!) 

And finally
Malekith the Deceiver

What more is there to say. Malekith is, well, Malekith. The greatest of the sons of Anerion. Cursed with Immortality, riven by hatred and consumed with the humiliation of his scaring. Malekith is by far and away the biggest, most evil bad-ass in all of Warhammer (on par with the devil himself, Archaon). Profile in excess of a combat lord: check. Power of the greatest of wizards: check. 2000 years of back story including, but not limited to; the orchestration of the war of the beard, wiping out an entire city that displeased him, the killing of a Phoenix King and fighting his way out of the Realm of Chaos: check, check, check, check. Oh, and Awesome weaponry and protective items: check. There is quite literally no fault in this Elf. It also helps that, due to a prophesy, he can only be killed by a male sorcerer. Definitely my number one pick.

I would just like to point out that this is in fact only my opinion. If you feel I have wronged a character by not putting him here do speak up, its always interesting how people rate there favourites.

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