Sunday, 15 June 2014

Sad Passings

British comedy has felt a massive blow over the last two weeks with two of there veteran actors sadly passing away. Both Rik Mayall and Sam Kelly were parts of my childhood, with the young ones and Allo Allo helping form my love of comedy. Though these are tragedies for all comedy lovers, they are not the great loss this post is about.
taking a much loved machine to binary heaven
After a 7 year struggle with over heating and corruption, I must now say goodbye to my faithful laptop. That small bundle of silicone and plastic has served me faithfully through my formative years at university, where I first felt the pull of the warhammer tournament scene. It was older than 99% of the miniatures in my collection, it has survived earthquakes, floods, snow and rain (and I mean that quite literally, it has been impacted by all but shrugged it off).

Most notably however Toshi (yea I had a pet name for it, so what) was fundamental in the set up of this very Blog. it possessed a small, unregarded little hole in its chassis that would accommodate a memory card from my camera. Without it I am looking for new ways to bring the photos from my table to your screen. I must ask patience while I work through this difficult time.

Normal posts will hopefully return latter today with the (almost) complete Pirates.

this post is dedicated to Toshi the Toshiba, may the 8-bit angels sing you to your rest (though when I thought about that the only singing I could think of was the sound a fax machine makes. Computers might like it)
Toshi the Toshiba (2007-2014)

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