Monday, 9 June 2014

Where in the world is HMS. Distraction?

I never really think hard about the power of the internet, sending its tendrils out all over the world in a mass exodus of binary information. However this morning, as I was trying to reformat the blog to allow for a wider section to display the basic text of the blog I came across a page of viewing statistics. I was rather surprised. Naively thinking that most of the traffic perusing my whimsical ramblings must have been coming from the Australasian region where I, funnily enough, reside turned out to be totally and utterly false.

New Zealand is only THIRD in the line up (though still makes up the entirety of the subscriber base), behind the USA and Great Britain. Now upon thinking about it, this wouldn't be a huge realisation. New Zealand is a tiny country compared to the motherland and ol' uncle Sam, but it was the nations further down the list that sparked my interest. places like Turkey, Poland and Germany. Nations that I wouldn't have expected to be trawling English Wargaming blogs at all (well I know Poland and Germany both have pretty good wargaming scenes, but surely they have enough of there own blogs as it is) Even China rated higher on the list than Australia, which was the biggest surprise of the investigation.

I am now left wondering how many of these are just cursory glances over (maybe thinking it was a blog about sailing. Maybe) and how many of them are actually stopping, hitting translate, and reading through the musings of a 22 year old student from the deep (deep) south of the globe. Its interesting to muse on....


  1. I demand more Warhammer! What are you doing with your spare time man! Must I use yet more exclamation marks!?

    Honestly though, looking forward to more of your musings in coming months. Keep it up.

  2. don't worry Tane, im onto the last minis for the Japanese and am currently working on the orcs again. should have some of them done latter in the week.